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Master Your Morning Routine

Updated: Apr 2, 2021

Does your morning routine consist of hitting the snooze button 6 times and rushing out the door 30 minutes later, having breakfast on the go, checking emails? From that point, your day can feel like you’re always trying to catch up and rush through, never really feeling like you are in control of your day. The power of a morning routine is understated. The way you start your day dramatically influences how it unfolds.

This article is here to help you find your sweet morning routine where you feel energised and ready to grab the day with both hands and achieve your daily goals. You will be more productive and satisfied than ever. It’s not going to be easy but as the saying goes - no pain, no gain.

Everybody has a well-rehearsed morning routine plan in their minds eye until life hits you. So plan a morning routine, which would start at the same time every day, even at weekends, so you build a routine for your mind and body that suits you. This will eventually become habit and effortless. Your days can become chaotic if not well executed.

The most wildly successful entrepreneurs have a morning routine. The number one concept of all routines is adherence, meaning how well you can stick to your plan, so create one around your responsibilities to ensure you can keep to your routine. You can be a leader of your life instead of rushing through always trying to chase it.

Adapting your morning routine – tips

1. Wake up at the same time every day. Set an alarm and keep it somewhere that you have to get out of bed to switch it off.

2. Allow natural light into your room. Natural light does wonders for your mood.

3. Do not check your phone, scroll through social media, and check your messages when you awake. It will contribute to distracting your attention from your intention for the day.

4. Work out as soon as you wake up – start your day with endorphins and clarity. This will make you feel physically better and happier.

5. Drink a glass of lemon water at room temperature soon after waking up. This jump starts your metabolism. When you sleep you become a little dehydrated so water will nourish your body and in turn your mind.

6. Eat a wholesome breakfast/smoothie – fuel your concentration.

7. Invest time in a gratitude journal. Use this to express gratitude for your body and health and set intent for the day.

8. Set some time aside to meditate and visualise the day ahead. At least 30 minutes of peaceful solitude with no distraction can be a powerful tool to get your mind in the correct state to move though the rest of the day. Meditation will strengthen your focus, preserve your natural power and insulate your inner peace.

9. Positive thinking and affirmations – this cultivates immense power in your mind. Reciting positive affirmations in the morning and evening can seep into your subconscious so you live from a space of positive awareness day in and day out.

10. Be mindful, stay present. When you are saying goodbye to your family when leaving the door, be mindful of it. Don’t miss those special moments. When you are mindful you create your life in the present moment and you don’t miss a thing.

11. Make your to do list the night before based on what you need to accomplish. Work on the most important items first. Don’t make your list too ambitious. You don’t want to feel discouraged if you don’t achieve your lists.

12. Do something that makes you feel uncomfortable, to control your mind, at least once a week e.g. take a cold shower, water fasting for 24 hours. Mastering a difficult task can empower you, ready for other challenges, the day and the week.

Optimising your night time ritual.

We are living through a time where the internet, social media and television consumes our minds. Being in front of your screen before bedtime causes sleep dysfunction. You should prepare an evening that will help you unwind, ready to refocus and be productive. Try this schedule:

· 7pm – 8pm should be your last meal of the day, turn all devices off; this creates isolation from overstimulation.

· 8pm – 9pm is time for activities such as conversation with loved ones, optional second period of meditation, frequent reading, audiobooks, podcasts, regular session for recreation pursuits, periodic Epsom salt bath. This is ‘winding down’ time.

· 9pm – 10pm is preparation for sleep in a cool dark, technology-free room, with evening gratitude practice.

Small, daily, seemingly insignificant improvements create staggering results if done consistently, so create and keep positive habits.

Establishing a morning routine will help you develop good habits that can enable you to focus, accomplish more in your workday, achieve your goals and improve your overall life. Head into your day on fire and with passion to seize the day.

Learn, make mistakes and live a life of joy! You will regret the things you didn’t do…

Book Recommendations –

5am Club by Robin Sharma

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