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Welcome to Begin at Source 

Welcome to my site, where you will find all things mind, body and soul.

Firstly, why Begin At Source.  When you type these words into Google, the top search is 'where do rivers begin'?  The answer - The source of a river is usually found in high places such as hills or mountains.  This captures the essense of my website. Live a life of purpose; follow your higher and more intuitive self, your source, for the guidance as you go though your days. Start with you, self care and self love, and this will reflect in a fulfilled external reality.  


The Logo - I have designed the logo to depict a figure sitting in prayer from Lotus petals. A Lotus flower is the symbolism of purity and beauty. Because of its unique blooming cycle, the flower demonstrates a metaphysical soul purpose of transition into purity. It's the symbol of life, ever-renewing youth, eternity, purity, and divinity. A Lotus flower starts in mud, grows through the dirt, into the fresh air as a beautiful creation. 

Taking this metaphore my intention with Begin At Source is for you to build your own personal sanctuary, in your home, office space, on your commutes, whilst exercising to build a mindset of focus and belief in yourself so that you can live your life of purpose. No matter where you've come from, mud and dirt, its never too late to start over. 

Living in a big city like London, there's something quite addictive about the hustle and bustle, but it is necessary to slow down and quiet your mind on a regular basis. I have associations with a local Yoga studio, essential products to aid with your self care needs, and a variety of blogs with a host of tips to build a more meaningful life. 

Create your own journey, expand your limits, explore within and have fun along the way!


Sat on the Rocks

"The healer you have been looking for
is your own courage to know and love yourself completely"

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